Kinetics of Chemical Reactions

Kinetics of Chemical Reactions

Author: ChemViews

Kinetics of Chemical Reactions by Guy Marin and Gregory S. Yablonsky covers both experimental and theoretical kinetic methods, as well as fundamental and applied. It is reviewed by Frerich J. Keil, Hamburg University of Technology, Germany, in Angewandte Chemie.

Keil writes that this book is the first to give an overview of the formal decoding of reaction mechanisms based on kinetic data. Decoding complexity is presented as the inherent feature of chemical kinetics.

The book provides a unique combination of reports on kinetics developments in the West and those in the former Soviet Union. The latter are, for the most part, widely ignored in the West.

Many of the approaches presented may be useful for the evaluation of experimental results.

Keil agrees with the authors authors mentioning in their introduction, that this is not an encyclopedia or a textbook on chemical kinetics, but it can be a complementary book in graduate courses on chemical kinetics for chemical engineers and chemists. The text is clearly written and well organized.

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