Single-Crystal Manganese Sulfide Microboxes

Single-Crystal Manganese Sulfide Microboxes

Author: ChemViews

Xiong Wen (David) Lou and colleagues, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, demonstrated a crystal-structureand shape-mediated formation mechanism to synthesize MnS microboxes with a single-crystalline shell structure. The MnS microcubes are formed by H2S gas sulfidation of MnCO3 microcubes at 350–800 °C. With the increase in sulfidation temperature, porous MnS microcubes are first formed at around 350 °C, followed by MnS microcubes with many internal small voids, and finally MnS microboxes with a welldefined single large cavity.

Compared with the widely used solution methods, in which the concentration of the precursors is usually very low, the reaction of pre-grown solid precursors with a gas provides a more scalable synthesis of highly uniform hollow structures. When evaluated as potential anode materials for lithium ion batteries, the as-prepared MnS microboxes exhibit high lithium storage capacity and excellent cycling performance.

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