65th Birthday: Günter Grampp

65th Birthday: Günter Grampp

Author: ChemViews

Professor Günter Grampp, Technical University of Graz, Austria, celebrates his 65th birthday on November 13, 2012. Grampp is a well-respected chemist in the areas of electron spin resonance (ESR) and photochemistry.

Günter Grampp studied chemistry and physics at the University of Erlangen, Germany, graduating in 1977. He gained his Ph.D. from the same university in 1981. From 1981–1987 Grampp was the leader of the ESR- and Electron-Transfer Group at Erlangen. Upon gaining his Habilitation in 1987, Grampp was promoted to Docent of Physical Chemistry at Erlangen and, in 1992, to Associate Professor. In 1994, he moved to the Technical University of Graz, Austria, where he is currently full professor and Head of the Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry.

Grampp’s research focuses on the kinetics of self-exchange and dimerization reactions of organic radicals in solution and the kinetics of photoinduced reactions, especially energy, electron, and proton transfer in solution. He also examines the connection between experiments and theory for these processes.

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