Facile Functionalization of Polyhedral Boranes

Facile Functionalization of Polyhedral Boranes

Author: ChemPlusChem

Various polyhedral boranes are the subject of significant attention because of their various useful properties and important applications such as in boron neutron-capture cancer therapy.

Vadim Kukushkin, Nadezhda Bokach, Saint Petersburg State University, Russia, and co-workers found an efficient route for facile functionalization of decaborates that can be achieved through a novel reaction between closo-decaborate clusters bearing the C≡N group and azomethine ylides. This selectively affords products of the nucleophilic addition viz., the borylated enamino ketones.
The observed reaction represents the first example of addition of any C-nucleophiles to nitrilium derivatives of boron clusters.

In addition the reaction mechanism has been studied by density functional calculations.

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