Microbial World

Microbial World

Author: Gregor Cicchetti and Vera Köster

Test your knowledge on microbes, the most fascinating and underrated organisms on the planet, with this quiz.

You will get the chance to get one of three copies of the book “Discover the World of Microbes” by Gerhard Gottschalk when you submit your answers. The lucky winners – of course only from correct answers – will be drawn on January 8th.

  1. What are the three branches of cellular life?
  2. How many more microbes does an average human have compared to own body cells?
  3. Which enzyme catalyzes the equivalent of the Haber-Bosch reaction and in what classes of organisms do you find this enzyme?
  4. Which eukaryotic organelles are derived from bacteria?
  5. Everyone knows that yeast and grape juice make wine; how is vinegar traditionally being produced?
  6. Where in nature do you find plasmids and what is the advantage of having one?
  7. Which gas is in the Emmentaler cheese wholes and how is it produced?
  8. Does photosynthesis always produce oxygen? If not, what else is produced?
  9. What is biogas and which organisms produce it?
  10. Which organisms grow in boiling water?
  11. What is EHEC standing for?

The solution will be published on January 8, 2013.
Please e-mail your answer to [email protected] or [email protected]; just place “Microbial World” in the subject heading, to enter the draw for the book.

Good Luck!

The solution can be found here.

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