Gian Piero Spada (1956 – 2013)

Gian Piero Spada (1956 – 2013)

Author: ChemViews

Gian Piero Spada, Professor of Organic Chemistry at the University of Bologna, Italy, passed away on February 4, 2013, after a long struggle with lung cancer.

Gian Piero Spada was born in Faenza, Italy, in 1956. He studied pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of Bologna, graduating in 1980. He spent two years as a postgraduate researcher at the Institute of Chemical Science, University of Bologna, before becoming a research associate in the Department of Organic Chemistry at Bologna. In 1992, Spada became an associate professor in this department, followed by full professor in 2000.

Spada’s research was mainly focused in the field of sterochemistry and supramolecular chemistry. In particular, he devoted most of his research activity to the chiroptic properties and to the self-assembly of guanosines. Spada was an excellent scientist, as testified by the prestigious prize he received from the Italian Chemical Society (Società Chimica Italiana, SCI), the Medaglia Angelo Mangini, in 2012.

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