75th Birthday: Ryoji Noyori

75th Birthday: Ryoji Noyori

Author: ChemViews

Professor Ryoji Noyori, Nagoya University, Japan, celebrates his 75th birthday on September 3rd. Noyori won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2001 for the study of chirally catalyzed hydrogenations. He shared half of the prize with William S. Knowles; the second half of the prize went to K. Barry Sharpless for his study on chirally catalyzed oxidation reactions (Sharpless epoxidation).

Noyori was born in 1938 in a suburb of Kobe, Japan. His choice of career was influenced by his father, a research director of a chemical company. In fact, it was after his father took him to a conference on nylon that his interest in chemistry really grew and he began to dream of becoming a leading chemist.

Noyori went on to study chemistry at Kyoto University, Japan, and received his Master Degree in 1963. He completed his Ph.D. at the same university in 1967, under the supervision of Hitoshi Nozaki. In 1968, he became an Associate Professor at Nagoya University. From 1969–1970 he worked as a postdoctoral researcher for Elias J. Corey at Havard University, Cambridge, USA, and then he returned to Nagoya University, in 1972, where he was promoted to Professor.
He is still based at Nagoya but in 2001 he was also made President of RIKEN, Nagoya, Japan.

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