Wiley Editors Awarded Professorships

Wiley Editors Awarded Professorships

Author: ChemViews

Jilin University, Guilin University of Electronic Technology, and several Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) institutes have awarded Dr. Gudrun Walter (pictured second from left), Dr. Jose Oliveira (pictured far right), and Dr. Peter Gregory (pictured far left), all Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, Germany, Professorships in recognition of their outstanding contributions to scientific research and publication in China and globally.

Dr. Jose Oliveira and Dr. Peter Gregory were awarded professorships for their unique contributions to the development of publications in the field of materials- and nano-science at a ceremony on April 3 at Jilin University.

On April 4, during a scientific symposium held at Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry (CIAC-CAS), Professor Hongjie Zhang awarded professorships to Dr. Walter, Dr. Oliveira, and Dr. Gregory in recognition of groundbreaking contributions in support of the publication of chemistry and materials science.

Honorary professorships from the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology (NCNST-CAS) and the Institute for Process Engineering (IPE-CAS) were given to Dr. Oliveira and Dr. Gregory in two ceremonies held at the NCNST and IPE, respectively, on March 31.

Dr. Walter, Dr. Oliveira, and Dr. Gregory, have also been awarded visiting professorships from the Guilin University of Electronic Technology.

Dr. Gudrun Walter
is Editorial Director for natural sciences books at Wiley. She has been responsible for the publication of many books, reference works, textbooks, and encyclopaedias, particularly in chemistry and materials science.

Dr. Jose Oliveira
is Editor in Chief of the nanotech journal Small and Dr. Peter Gregory is the Editor in Chief of Advanced Materials. Both have also been instrumental in founding other related and successful journals in these areas.

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