2013 ISI Impact Factors

2013 ISI Impact Factors

Author: ChemistryViews.org & Wiley

Featured Results for Wiley and Wiley-VCH

  • Across the board success in new journal launches – Strong first Impact Factors for ChemPlusChem (3.242), Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry (2.292) and ChemistryOpen (2.938).
  • Four journals with an Impact Factors higher than 10: Advanced Materials (15.409), Advanced Energy Materials (14.385), Angewandte Chemie – International Edition (under review), and Advanced Functional Materials (10.439).
  • Top ranked journals in their field:
    Acta Crystallographia D, #1 in Crystallography,
    WIREs Computational Molecular Science
    #1 in Mathematical and Computational Biology,
    Medicinal Research Reviews #2 in Medicinal Chemistry, and
    Spectrometry Review #2 in Spectroscopy.
  • Society journals show excellent Impact Factor growthEnvironmental Progress and Sustainable Energy up by 47%, Journal of Microscopy up 32%,The Chemical Record up 27%.

Selected Journals

Open Access success – ChemistryOpen first Impact Factor of 2.938 makes it the highest ranked open-access general chemistry journal in the multidisciplinary chemistry category. The journal celebrates with a special offer: Articles will be published free of charge until June 2015.
First complete impact factor of 9.041 for WIREs: Computational Molecular Science, demonstrating how well the journal’s content (launched in 2011) is resonating with the scientific community. This exceptional result places the journal at the top of “Mathematical and Computational Biology” journal category in the Journal Citation Report® .
The Chemical Record (TCR) has a new 2013 Impact Factor of 5.577, which is an all-time high for TCR and +27% over the value last year. TCR is a premier Personal Accounts journal of the Chemical Society of Japan and the leading chemistry review journal from Asia. Beyond Personal Accounts, TCR features Records and Challenges, the international and interdisciplary TCR Lecture, and experimental publishing projects such as the Nozoe Autograph Books wiki page.

More Journal Impact Factors

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ISI Journal Impact Factors 2013

Highly Ranked Journals

  • WIREs Computational Molecular Science: 1/52 Mathematical & Computational Biology
  • Acta Crystallographica D: 1/23 Crystallography
  • Medicinal Research Reviews: 2/58 Chemistry, Medicinal
  • Mass Spectrometry Reviews: 2/44 Spectroscopy
  • Journal of Applied Crystallography:  3/23 Crystallography
  • Advanced Materials: 4/136 Chemistry, Multidisciplinary
  • NMR in Biomedicine: 4/44 Spectroscopy

Journals with High Citation Growth Over the Last 5 Years

  • Chemistry – An Asian Journal – An ACES journal grew by 497%
  • Chemical Biology & Drug Design grew by 360%
  • Small grew by 348%
  • ChemMedChem – A ChemPubSoc Europe journal grew by 299%
  • Advanced Functional Materials grew by 245%
  • Process Safety Progress – A journal of the AIChE grew by 189%
  • Chemistry & Biodiversity grew by 169%
  • Journal of Vinyl & Additive Technology grew by 137%
  • Chemical Engineering & Technology grew by 125%
  • Chemistry – A European Journal grew by 121%

Journals with Highly Increased Impact Factors

  • WIREs Computational Molecular Science: 9.041 / up by 58%
  • Advances in Polymer Technology: 2.096 / up by 96%
  • Chemical Engineering & Technology: 2.175 / up by 59%
  • Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy – A journal of the AIChE: 1.271 / up by 47%
  • Advanced Energy Materials: 14.385 / up by 43%
  • Concepts in Magnetic Resonance: 0.946 / up by 34%
  • International Journal of Chemical Kinetics: 1.566 / up by 32%
  • The Chemical Record – A journal of the Japanese Chemical Society: 5.577 / up by 27%.

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