D-Ribose: Two Crystal Forms in the Solid State

D-Ribose: Two Crystal Forms in the Solid State

Author: Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.

A collaborative effort between researchers in Switzerland and Germany sees elucidation of the structure of D-ribose.

This long awaited study was carried out by McCusker, Meier, Boese, Dunitz, and co-workers with the use of single-crystal analysis, powder and X-ray diffraction, and NMR methods. The research nicely demonstrates the importance of combining different methods in structure determination.

Experiments show that D-ribose occurs in two crystal forms that contain β- and α-pyranose forms in various ratios-depending on the conditions under which the polycrystalline samples were prepared. These results raise many questions whose eventual answers will cast more light on this “small and simple” molecule.

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