Flad Receives Carl-Duisberg-Plakette

Flad Receives Carl-Duisberg-Plakette

Author: ChemViews

Wolfgang Flad, Institut Dr. Flad, Stuttgart, Germany, receives the Carl-Duisberg-Plakette (Carl-Duisberg badge) for his services towards the promotion of chemistry, his various contributions to strengthen the image of chemistry with the public as well as his engagement in the development of chemical education. The prize is presented today by the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh; Society of German Chemists) at the University of Stuttgart.

Wolfgang Flad, born 1942 in Stuttgart, studied chemistry at what was then the Technische Hochschule Stuttgart. During his studies he was an assistant at the Institut Dr. Flad, which his father – the chemist Dr. Manfred Flad – launched for the training of chemical-technical assistants in 1951. In 1968 Wolfgang Flad became a lecturer there and in 1976 the head master of the institute.

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