ACHEMA Start-Up Award 2015

ACHEMA Start-Up Award 2015

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Entrepreneurs in the fields of energy, industrial biotechnology, and measurement technology and analytics were invited to participate in the ACHEMA Start-Up Award 2015. Participants prepared their ideas, concepts, and a business plan and were given the opportunity to present them to potential investors. They had access to mentors during the entire timeframe of the competition.

Three finalists from each field – picked by a jury of researchers, industry representatives, and investors – have the opportunity to present their ideas at ACHEMA 2015 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, on June 15–19, at a dedicated stand. In each field, one overall winner will be announced in the ACHEMA opening session on June 15 and receive a prize of € 10,000.

Finalists of the ACHEMA Start-Up Award 2015


  • Hydrogenious Technologies GmbH, Erlangen,
    develops key components for safe and efficient storage of renewable energy in the field of so-called “Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carriers” (LOHCs).
  • SUMTEQ GmbH, Cologne,
    realized a polystyrene based high-performance insulation. Saving energy, these materials will significantly contribute to a sustainable conservation of valuable resources.

  • Volterion GmbH (First Prize)
    manufactures and sells small-format Vanadium-Redox-Flow-Batteries for de-centralized storage of renewable energies in private homes.


Achema-Gründerpreis Volterion  Achema-Gründerpreis Volterion

Industrial Biotechnology

  • 4GENE, Freising, (First Prize)
    develops and produces natural, biotechnologically engineered, activatable Aroma-Glycosides. The products are marketed as flavor-on-demand to flavor and fragrance customers worldwide.

  • Bionicure, Freiburg,
    develops the first activatable drug formulation, enabling the patient to release a drug from an injected depot through ingestion of a trigger tablet at home.

  • GLYCONIC, Hamburg,
    is developing novel active cosmetic ingredients based on polyphenols especially in the field of anti-aging.


Achema-Gründerpreis 4Gene   Achema-Gründerpreis 4Gene

Measurement and Analytics

  • bentekk GmbH, Hamburg,
    a spin-off company of the Hamburg University of Technology, develops a fast, portable gas detector (GC-PID) for the on-site analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOC).
  • Ionera Technologies GmbH, Freiburg, (First Prize)
    develops, produces and distributes a chip based platform technology (MECA-Technology) for chemical and biological analytics with nanopores.
  • Sciomics GmbH, Heidelberg,
    support and speed up protein biomarker research and discovery programmes for precision medicine and companion diagnostic applications using an antibody microarray platform.


Achema-Gründerpreis Ionera   Achema-Gründerpreis Ionera

  • ACHEMA 2015
    World forum of the process industry and the trend-setting technology summit for chemical engineering, environmental protection and biotechnology
  • ACHEMA Start-Up Award


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