Novel Reaction Coupling

Novel Reaction Coupling

Author: ChemViews

H, Jiang, Z. Cao, and J. Caro, Lebniz University of Hanover, S. Schirrmeister, Uhde GmbH, Dortmund, and T. Schiestel, Fraunhofer Institute of Interfacial Engineering and Biotechnology (IGB), Stuttgart, Germany, couple water splitting and ethane dehydrogenation in a perovskite (BCFZ; BaCOxFeyZr1–x–yO3–δ) oxygen-permeable membrane reactor.

Following the concept of process intensification, the effective coupling of two chemical reactions in one apparatus is gaining increasing interest.

With the novel coupling strategy hydrogen from water splitting was obtained on one side of the membranea with a hydrogen production rate of around 1.0 cm3min–1 at 800 °C. On the other side of the membrane simultaneously ethylene was produced with a yield of around 55 %.

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