2014 Impact Factors of ACES Journals

2014 Impact Factors of ACES Journals

Author: ChemViews

ACES Journals

Excellent results for the journals published by the ACES societies.


Chemistry – An Asian Journal 4.587     

Chemistry – An Asian Journal’s impact factor has risen by 16 % to an all-time high of 4.587, highlighting its international reach and cementing its position as the top chemistry journal rooted in Asia.

Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry 3.318     

Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry has received its first full (two-year) impact factor of 3.318. This is almost a 45 % increase over the partial impact factor from 2013 and shows how the AsianJOC has been embraced by the community in less than three years as a top organic chemistry journal.


Launched in May 2015; will receive it’s first impact factor in 2018.


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