Most Accessed Articles: May 2015

Most Accessed Articles: May 2015

Author: ChemViews

The most-accessed chemistry articles from ChemPubSoc Europe, ACES and GDCh journals for May 2015 were:


Zhenjie Zhang, Ha Thi Hoang Nguyen, Stephen A. Miller, Seth M. Cohen
polyMOFs: A Class of Interconvertible Polymer‐Metal‐Organic‐Framework Hybrid Materials [Communication]
Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 2015, vol. 54, p. 6152

Aleksandar Bijelic, Christian Molitor, Stephan G. Mauracher, Rami Al‐Oweini, Ulrich Kortz, Annette Rompel
Hen Egg‐White Lysozyme Crystallisation: Protein Stacking and Structure Stability Enhanced by a Tellurium(VI)‐Centred Polyoxotungstate [Full Paper]
ChemBioChem 2015, vol. 16, p. 233

Susanne Rommel, Christian Belger, Jeanne‐Marie Begouin, Bernd Plietker
Dual [Fe+Phosphine] Catalysis: Application in Catalytic Wittig Olefination [Full Paper]
ChemCatChem 2015, vol. 7, p. 1292

M. P. Pandey, C. S. Kim
Lignin Depolymerization and Conversion: A Review of Thermochemical Methods [Review]
Chem. Eng. Technol. 2011, vol. 34, p. 29

Philipp Drosky, Hans‐Ullrich Siehl, Klaus‐Peter Zeller, Joachim Sieler, Stefan Berger, Dieter Sicker
Scharf, schärfer, Capsaicin! [Artikel]
Chem. Unserer Zeit 2015, vol. 49, p. 114

Raju Ghosh, Erik Lindstedt, Nazli Jalalian, Berit Olofsson
Room Temperature, Metal‐Free Arylation of Aliphatic Alcohols [Communication]
ChemistryOpen 2014, vol. 3, p. 54

Nikola Ž. Knežević, Jean‐Olivier Durand
Targeted Treatment of Cancer with Nanotherapeutics Based on Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles [Minireview]
ChemPlusChem 2015, vol. 80, p. 26

Florian Ausfelder, Christian Beilmann, Martin Bertau, Sigmar Bräuninger, Angelika Heinzel, Renate Hoer, Wolfram Koch, Falko Mahlendorf, Anja Metzelthin, Marcell Peuckert, Ludolf Plass, Konstantin Räuchle, Martin Reuter, Georg Schaub, Sebastian Schiebahn, Ekkehard Schwab, Ferdi Schüth, Detlef Stolten, Gisa Teßmer, Kurt Wagemann, Karl‐Friedrich Ziegahn
Energiespeicherung als Element einer sicheren Energieversorgung [Übersichtsbeitrag]
Chem. Ing. Tech. 2015, vol. 87, p. 17

Chun‐Chi Chen, Kuo‐Joan Cheng, Tzu‐Ping Ko, Rey‐Ting Guo
Current Progresses in Phytase Research: Three‐Dimensional Structure and Protein Engineering [Review]
ChemBioEng Rev. 2015, vol. 2, p. 76

Karolina Graczyk, Tobias Haven, Lutz Ackermann
Iron‐Catalyzed C(sp2)—H and C(sp3)—H Methylations of Amides and Anilides [Full Paper]
Chem. Eur. J. 2015, vol. 21, p. 8812

Kalanidhi Palanichamy, Krishna P. Kaliappan
Discovery and Syntheses of “Superbug Challengers”—Platensimycin and Platencin [Focus Review]
Chem. Asian J. 2010, vol. 5, p. 668

Xuesen Fan, Meng Yan, Yan He, Nana Shen, Xinying Zhang
Synthesis of Functionalized Phenols via the Cascade Reactions of Allenic Ketones with β‐Diketones [Full Paper]
Asian J. Org. Chem. 2015, vol. 4, p. 368

George R. Kracke, Monika R. VanGordon, Yulia V. Sevryugina, Peter J. Kueffer, Kuanysh Kabytaev, Satish S. Jalisatgi, M. Frederick Hawthorne
Carborane‐Derived Local Anesthetics are Isomer Dependent [Communication]
ChemMedChem 2015, vol. 10, p. 62

Song Lou, Duolong Di
Retracted: Adsorption Features of Flavonoids on Macroporous Adsorption Resins Functionalized with Ionic Liquids [Retraction]
ChemPhysChem 2015, vol. 16, p. 1329

Jing‐Min Fan, Jia‐Jia Chen, Qian Zhang, Bin‐Bin Chen, Jun Zang, Ming‐Sen Zheng, Quan‐Feng Dong
An Amorphous Carbon Nitride Composite Derived from ZIF‐8 as Anode Material for Sodium‐Ion Batteries [Communication]
ChemSusChem 2015, vol. 8, p. 1856

David J. Nelson
Accessible Syntheses of Late Transition Metal (Pre)Catalysts Bearing N‐Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands [Microreview]
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2015, vol. 2015, p. 2012

Vincent Barbier, François Couty, Olivier R. P. David
Morita–Baylis–Hillman Reactions with Nitroalkenes: A Case Study [Full Paper]
Eur. J. Org. Chem. 2015, vol. 2015, p. 3679

A. Hartwig, B. Köberle, M. Bunzel
Aus den Hochschulstandorten [Artikel]
Lebensmittelchemie 2015, vol. 69, p. 1

Yu Wang, Wei‐Hong Zhong
Development of Electrolytes towards Achieving Safe and High‐Performance Energy‐Storage Devices: A Review [Review]
ChemElectroChem 2015, vol. 2, p. 22

Schüleraufgabe: CHEMKON 2/2015 [Schüleraufgabe]
CHEMKON 2015, vol. 22, p. 93

Sarah Millar
Tips and Tricks for the Lab: Column Choices
ChemViews Magazine 2012


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