Twisted Graphene

Twisted Graphene

Author: ChemNanoMat

Graphene hybrids are promising materials used in conducting devices, photovoltaics, and biomedicine. However, synthesizing them directly from pristine graphite is a challenge.

Yanli Zhao and colleagues, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, have developed a two-step method to fabricate graphene/fiber hybrids based on liquid phase exfoliation of pristine graphite and supramolecular self-assembly. An organic building block bearing pyrene and glutamic acid units was synthesized for the nanofiber formation, and then used to exfoliate graphite into few-layer graphene sheets. The self-assembly of organic building blocks attached on the exfoliated graphene surface afforded the graphene/fiber hybrids.

Such hybrids could be further transformed into three-component hybrids after incorporating gold nanoparticles. The present strategy provides a new route to directly prepare graphene hybrids from pristine graphite for practical uses.


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