Author: Brian Johnson

The Chemical Record (TCR) Lecture series has been awarded annually since 2002 and includes an illustrious collection of chemists from a wide range of disciplines, including Steven Ley, Gerhard Ertl, Yuan T. Lee, Bruno Scrosati, and most recently the new Editor-in-Chief Hisashi Yamamoto in 2010.

This year’s recipient, Professor Bert Meijer, a member of the Editorial Board of TCR, has an outstanding record in the interdisciplinary fields of supramolecular chemistry, polymers, and functional materials.

His 2011 TCR Lecture, titled “Noncovalent Synthesis of Complex Supramolecular Systems “, will be delivered at the 91st Annual Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan, to be held March 26&mdash29, 2011, at Kanagawa University. The exact date and time of Prof. Meijer’s lecture will be announced early 2011.

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