New EuCheMS President

New EuCheMS President

Author: ChemViews

The general meeting of the EuCheMS elected Professor Ulrich Schubert, member of the Austrian chemical society, as their new president.

Ulrich Schubert, a former student of E.-O. Fischer, is professor of inorganic chemistry (inorganic chair) at the Vienna University of Technology since 1994. Among his research interests are: Cluster-Reinforced Polymers, I-O Hybrid Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Materials, New Precursors for Sol-Gel Processing, Transition-Metal Silicon and Tin Compounds. He is a member of the Editoral Board of several journals, e.g., Chemie in unserer Zeit.

Schubert will serve a three year term as EuCheMS Presidente, starting in October 2011. He is succeeding Luis Oro, who is Professor of Inorganic Chemistry in Zaragoza and Director of the Instituto Universitario de Catálisis Homogénea (IUCH), Spain.

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