Polyoxometalate Anions Encapsulated by Silver Cages

Polyoxometalate Anions Encapsulated by Silver Cages

Author: Jonathan Faiz

Polyoxometalates can be used as templates for the synthesis of high-nuclearity silver cluster systems.

Shuang-Qun Zang, Guang-Gang Hao, and colleagues at Zhengzhou University and Jiamusi University, both China, have come up with a core–shell cluster formed by self-assembly of metavanadate and silver(I) salts. The cluster comprises a C2h dodecahedrane-like [Ag30(tBuS)20]10+ unit that encapsulates a [VV10VIV2O34]10– core.

Upon acidification, the core transforms to a higher–symmetry D3d configuration and the color of the complex changes from dark yellow to green. Further treatment with base leads to a core–shell species virtually identical to the starting compound. The structural transformation was studied by using single-crystal X–ray crystallography, which is rare for this type of system. This work provides new insights into the behavior and properties of core–shell clusters.


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