Winner of the "Start 2016 with ChemistryViews" Campaign

Winner of the "Start 2016 with ChemistryViews" Campaign

Author: ChemViews

ChemViews Magazine is happy to announce that Professor Shane Telfer, Massey University, New Zealand, is the winner of our “Start 2016 with ChemistryViews” campaign and will receive an iPad. Congratulations!

We asked him some questions about himself and

How do you use

I read the weekly email alert and follow some of the links. And I now follow you on Twitter!

What do you think of the site?

I like the succinct round-up of stories and variety in the items. It’s a good way to keep in touch with research happenings beyond my own field.

What do you like best?

The industry-related news because that’s harder to pick up elsewhere. The Behind the Science interview I’ve just discovered on the website is fascinating, too.

What is your field of research?

Synthetic materials chemistry with a focus on metal-organic frameworks. There’s more info here:

Thank you very much!


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