Simple Dew Point Checking Method

Simple Dew Point Checking Method

Author: ChemViews

In compressed air systems, condensed water vapor can have corrosive effects on metals and wash out protective lubricants from tools, equipments, and pneumatic devices. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to predict the dew point temperature of atmospheric air and the air dew point at elevated pressures in order to design and apply the appropriate type of drying.

Alireza Bahadori, Curtin University, Australia, presents a simple tool for the prediction of the dew point of atmospheric moist air as a function of temperature and relative humidity and of the compressed saturated air dew point as a function of pressure and dew point of atmospheric moist air at a given temperature. Both are expressed as a Arrhenius-type asymptotic exponential function.

The developed tool can be of immense practical value for engineers and scientists as a quick check of the dew points of atmospheric moist air and relative humidity and compressed saturated air under various conditions.

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