New Type of Metallomacrocycles

New Type of Metallomacrocycles

Author: ChemViews

Miguel Sierra and colleagues, Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain, and Université de Toulouse, France, report the preparation of a new type of homo- and heterocyclophane metallomacrocycle which incorporates pendant metal fragments. The metal pendents could be added in a stereoselective manner, with the length of the pendent and size of the cavity controlled by the choice of biscarbene complexes and diamine linkers used. The all-Z stereoisomers were isolated in all cases, with the exception of the tungsten(0) macrocycle, which was obtained as a mixture of isomers.

This method employs the reversible nature of the 1,4-addition of dinucleophiles to the α,β-unsaturated dimetallic template, which makes this strategy a combination of the two common approaches to macrocycle formation: dynamic covalent cyclization and the directional bonding approach.

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