Preprints, Unethical Behavior, but also Lots of Good News

Preprints, Unethical Behavior, but also Lots of Good News

Author: Jonathan Faiz

Do we really need preprints as well? In his recent Editorial in Angewandte Chemie, Editor-in-Chief Peter Gölitz outlines how we already have three manuscript versions, namely Accepted Article, EarlyView/ASAP, and the archive Version of Record, and that adding preprints to this list is not without its disadvantages. Claims of priority, costs of running preprint servers, and the effect on the overall publishing process are just three problems that can arise. Gölitz confirms Angewandte Chemie‘s policy of not publishing manuscripts that are already publically available, and also points to the frequent unethical practice of undeclared resubmission of rejected manuscripts.

However, there is still plenty of good news from Angewandte Chemie and its sister journals: Color graphics are now free at Angewandte Chemie for (Mini)Reviews, Highlights, and Essays, and are capped at two color figures for Communications. Color graphics are now free for all articles at Chemistry—A European Journal.

The next symposia in our highly successful series of Angewandte Symposia have been announced: Meetings will take place in Tel Aviv in February 15, 2017, and in Berlin on September 11, 2017. Both these symposia will feature a range of outstanding speakers, and the Berlin event will include talks given by no less than four Nobel Laureates. We look forward to seeing you then!


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