Novasep and instrAction Expand Alliance

Novasep and instrAction Expand Alliance

Author: ChemistryViews

Novasep, supplier of manufacturing solutions for the life sciences industry, and instrAction, a manufacturer of chromatography phases for the purification of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), have announced that they have expanded their global strategic alliance to the purification of taxanes, a popular class of drugs for the treatment of cancer.

instrAction has over 3000 API-selective phases, based on the patented instrAction technology, a number of which show high potential for the purification of taxanes. Access to the instrAction phases and their innovative technology will enable Novasep to optimize multi-level synthesis or semi synthesis more efficiently with cost-effective one-step purification techniques utilizing the taxane-selective instrAction phases. The collaboration also enables Novasep to develop and operate or supply optimized large-scale chromatography processes for cost-effective purification of taxane-based active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates.

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