What's New On CHEManager Europe

What's New On CHEManager Europe

Author: Brandi Schuster

CHEManager publishes the latest news and trends from the chemical industry. ChemistryViews is pleased to present this selection of the articles published this month in CHEManager Europe:


The IUPAC Has High Hopes for the IYC 2011
With the International Year of Chemistry in full swing, CHEManager Europe talked to
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) Executive Director Dr. Terry Renner about his goals for the next months.


ARC Advisory Group’s Vision Of Evolution
Everything evolves, even automation systems. In this first of a two-part series, ARC’s Director of European Research David Humphrey looks at the evolution and history of process automation systems.


Evonik’s Wolfgang Albert On the Importance of Automation
With state-of-the-art automation procedures, it is possible to reach significantly higher levels of efficiency in chemical production plants. How? Evonik’s automation expert Wolfgang Albert fills us in.


Leading The Way
Logistics providers are well-placed to help and should position themselves increasingly as trusted advisers within the chemical industry supply chain.


To Push or to Pull, That is the Question …
Agility is becoming increasingly important when it comes to meeting the volatile market demands within the chemical supply chain.


Nanocarboxylates in Coatings
Erosion-explosive nanotechnology helps make sustainable and ecologically friendly coatings possible.

Markets and Companies

Adhesives and Sealants Are Gaining in Demand
Monique von Dungen of CHEM Research GmbH provides us with an in-depth look at this small but growing market.

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