Sadara’s New Amines Plant

Sadara’s New Amines Plant


The Sadara amines plant began operations at Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia. The plant contains two separate facilities: an ethanol amines plant and an ethylene amines plant. Together they will produce chemicals used in manufacturing a broad range of products such as detergents, personal care items, textiles, plastics, cement, wood, gas, rubber, oil, asphalt, and pharmaceuticals.

Sadara is a joint venture of Saudi Aramco (65 %), Dhahran, Saudi Arabia (35 %), and Dow, Midland, MI, USA. The Amines plant is one of 26 chemical manufacturing units located within the company’s 6 km² chemical complex in Jubail Industrial City II, of which 14 will produce specialty products never before produced in Saudi Arabia. Sadara is developing one of the world’s largest chemicals complexes.


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