Energy Storage by ABB

Energy Storage by ABB

Author: ChemistryViews

Energy storage is becoming increasingly important as electricity networks evolve into smarter systems to stabilize the integration of power generated from intermittent renewable sources, such as wind and solar.

A combination of SVC Light (static var compensator) technology with a highly scalable lithium-ion battery storage capability  was recently launched by ABB, Zurich, Switzerland, enabling dynamic control of power in the transmission system, improving grid voltage and stability, and levelling out power fluctuations in the case of renewable energies. The rated power and storage capacity is typically about 20 MW for approximately 15-45 min, but DynaPeaQ technology can be scaled up to 50 MW of power for 60 min and more.

ABB has commissioned its first DynaPeaQ® energy storage installation for U.K. Power Networks at a site north of Hemsby in Norfolk. Renewable wind-generated energy from a local village will be fed into the power network. Some of this energy will be kept in reserve to support power supplies in the event of a fault, or to regulate the power flow to compensate for the intermittence of wind power.

The system includes eight stacks of 13 lithium-ion battery modules housed in a 25-m2 building. The modules will be continually charged and discharged, and can store up to 200 kWh of electrical energy.

  • ABB, Zurich, Switzerland

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