What's New On CHEManager Europe: June

What's New On CHEManager Europe: June

Author: Brandi Schuster

CHEManager publishes the latest news and trends from the chemical industry. ChemistryViews is pleased to present this selection of the articles published this month in CHEManager Europe:

Interviews: Fecc Member Companies Poised for Growth

CHEManager Europe asked the leaders of several Fecc (European Association of Chemical Distributors) member companies about the lessons they learned from the economic downturn; their take on continuing consolidation within chemical distribution; and the trends that will shape the market over the next 12 months.

Interview: Fecc Director General Uta Jensen-Korte on Promoting Chemical Distribution in Europe

Find out what Fecc Director General Uta Jensen-Korte has to say about the challenges in European chemical distribution and the role of women in the chemical industry.

Video Interview: A Few Minutes with BASF’s Executive Board Member Michael Heinz

Michael Heinz talks to Brandi Schuster about the importance of BASF’s integration of Cognis, a German maker of additives for cosmetics and detergents, for the company’s surfactant business. Brandi spoke to the member of BASF’s board of executive directors at the CESIO 2011 in Vienna.

Chemicals: The Top 10 Players in Fine Chemicals
When comparing the fine chemicals market of today to that of 2001, a few clear differences can be seen. Fine chemicals expert Jan Ramakers takes an in-depth look at the top players today.

Chemicals: Flow Chemistry for Hazardous Reactions
The kick to expand flow chemistry into new application areas is a hot topic in chemistry and pharma, but is it the pill to cure all headaches?

Markets and Companies: Chemicals’ Changing Competitive Landscape
Dr. Florian Budde of McKinsey Consulting examines the major shift in the competitive landscape of the worldwide chemical industry.

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