The Aroma of Roses

The Aroma of Roses

Author: ChemistryViews

Red roses are a traditional Valentine’s Day gift. The flowers are not only pretty but also fragrant. Extracts of their petals are used in perfumes, and rose water can also be used to flavor foods.

A range of compounds is responsible for the smell of roses, often in very small concentrations:

  • Alcohols such as geraniol, which is used in fruit flavorings, and citronellol, which is used to repel mosquitos
geraniol citronellol


  • So-called “rose ketones”, e.g., β-damascenone and β-ionone, which are used in perfumes
β-Damascenone β-Ionone


  • Terpenes such as rose oxide, which has a very small odor threshold of 0.5 parts per billion
rose oxide


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