Genedata Supports Digitalization of Bayer’s R&D

Genedata Supports Digitalization of Bayer’s R&D


Genedata supports Bayer’s Crop Science Division to digitalize R&D processes. Genedata will be supporting Bayer through their Genedata Selector platform in the processing, storing, analysis, and evaluation of genomic data for the development of innovative fungicides against field fungi. The complexity of research for agrochemical companies is born from the number of species, genomes, and related information needed for the discovery of new crop protection solutions.

Genedata says their software handles today’s and tomorrow’s informatics challenges:

  • Genome complexity: Crop-related genomes are large, complex, and highly variable across organisms. Genome sequences, assemblies and gene models can be incomplete or non-existent.
  • Information diversity: The various types of information from plant breeding experiments, crop protection studies, and chemical compound screenings need a centralized platform where all data can be stored, and analyzed for linkages and is easily accessible to all team members involved.
  • Incorporation of new data: Everyday, new technologies, genome sequences, gene annotations, and genetic markers are being discovered. More than ever, a centralized way to manage all of this data is crucial to the future of modern farming.
  • Collaboration and communication: With locations such as fields, farms, etc. and labs all over the world, data harmonization and communication support of interdisciplinary teams is a key success factor.


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