Sustainable Materials for Variety of Industries

Sustainable Materials for Variety of Industries


Neste and Clariant have signed an agreement to join forces in developing and making new sustainable material solutions accessible to a variety of industries. In the first phase of the partnership, the companies will start replacing fossil-based ethylene and propylene used in Clariant’s top-quality hot-melt adhesives with monomers derived from renewable feedstock. This is enabled by turning Neste’s renewable hydrocarbons—produced 100 % from renewable raw materials, such as waste and residue fats and oils as well as vegetable oils—into ethylene and propylene for Clariant’s products.

In a later phase, the companies will develop other sustainable additive solutions derived from renewable raw materials for plastics and coatings applications. They say that this will allow them to help various sustainability-focused brand owners—such as those producing furniture, sporting goods, hygiene products, electronics, and automotives—to increase their bio-based offering while also reducing crude oil dependency and climate emissions.


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