BASF and NGK Partner to Sell Stationary Energy Storage Batteries

BASF and NGK Partner to Sell Stationary Energy Storage Batteries


BASF New Business GmbH (BNB) and NGK announced a sales partnership agreement that gives BNB non-exclusive rights to sell NGK’s NAS® batteries (sodium-sulfur (NaS)-based batteries) via BASF’s global channels.

NGK’s NAS battery is the first commercialized megawatt-class battery which has the capacity to store large amounts of electricity for hours. NGK began research of NAS battery in 1984 and commercialized it in 2002. Molten elemental sodium at the battery core serves as the anode; molten sulfur as the cathode. Both are separated by a β-alumina solid electrolyte (BASE) cylinder. The system shows larger capacity, higher energy density, and longer life compared to other battery technologies. This is beneficial for stationary applications. In contrast, lithium-ion batteries, for example, are suited to deliver high power over shorter periods.

The NAS battery system supports the increasing integration of fluctuating renewable energy sources such as wind and solar into the grid. It allows deferral of transmission upgrade, because the electricity does not have to be transmitted immediately after being produced but can be discharged on demand. Furthermore, NAS batteries are used for the stabilization of electricity supply and emergency power supply for industrial customers and micro/off grids.

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