Future of European Chemical Industry

Future of European Chemical Industry

Author: ChemistryViews.org

The European Chemical Industry Council (Cefic) has released its Mid-Century Vision report titled “Molecule Managers”. With this, they want to start a dialogue about the future of the chemical industry, and its role in building a prosperous and more sustainable Europe by 2050. The report is not a forecast but a foresight and an invitation to all stakeholders to enter into a dialogue. Based on this, Cefic will regularly update the vision.

According to Cefic, the next ten years will be key for the future of the European chemical industry. During this time, it will need to develop its own competitive place in the global economy while adapting to new challenges. These challenges include a decline in globalization and free trade, the EU goal of a climate neutral economy, a talent shortage, and increasing transparency of supply chains due to digitalization and blockchain. More extensive use of artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies will make chemicals production and chemical risk assessment more efficient and transparent. It will also help better track substances of concern in supply chains and further improve the safety of chemicals in the EU. Applying all these technologies will require a workforce with completely different skills.


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