Evonik Replaces Coal-Fired Power Plant

Evonik Replaces Coal-Fired Power Plant

Author: ChemistryViews.org

Evonik is to install an advanced, high-efficiency gas and steam turbine power plant at its Marl Chemical Park, Germany, which is Evonik’s largest production site. By this the company is ending hard-coal-based power and steam generation in Marl after more than 80 years. This will reduce its CO2 emissions by up to one million metric tons annually. Direct greenhouse gas emissions of its plants worldwide will be reduced annually by almost one fifth.

Evonik and its partner Siemens signed agreements for the construction of the plant on August 30. It is expected to come on stream in 2022. The project cost is in the three-digit million-euro range. Siemens Gas and Power is the main contractor and, jointly with its internal partner Siemens Financial Services, is responsible for the planning and construction of the entire power plant, including a new central control station building. Evonik will operate the plant in conjunction with the existing natural gas power plants.

The two-block power plant will produce power and steam in a cogeneration process. Its total system efficiency will exceed 90 %. The plant has a power output of 180 megawatts and can produce up to 440 metric tons of steam per hour. The load control of the plant is highly flexible. This means it can contribute toward balancing out fluctuations in power feed from renewable energies into the grid. About 2,000 households will continue to be supplied with district heating from the site’s integrated steam network.


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