Linde’s New Plant Supplies Shanghai Huali Microelectronics

Linde’s New Plant Supplies Shanghai Huali Microelectronics


Linde has started up a new air separation plant to supply nitrogen, high purity oxygen, and argon to the 12-inch wafer chip product line of Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation (HLMC) in Shanghai. In addition, Linde will supply hydrogen and helium to HLMC. Silicon wafers are the most essential element in the realization of integrated circuits (ICs). A larger wafer diameter allows producing more semiconductor devices from a single wafer. This enhances productivity and efficiency.

Linde’s plant includes on-site nitrogen generators and a compressed dry air (CDA) system. The compact and energy-efficient nitrogen generator has been specially designed by the company to meet the increasing demands of electronics and semiconductor customers for higher purity industrial gas products.

HLMC is a subsidiary of the Huahong Group and is the leading semiconductor manufacturer in China which supports 28 to 14 nm nodes processing technology. It provides the technology used in mobile communications, consumer electronics, smart cards, Internet of Things, wearable electronics, automobiles, and many other products.

  • Linde AG, Munich, Germany
  • Shanghai Huali Microelectronics Corporation (HLMC), Shanghai, China




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