Certified Renewable Polypropylene

Certified Renewable Polypropylene

Author: ChemistryViews

Borealis has started to produce polypropylene (PP) based on Neste-produced renewable feedstock in its production facilities in Kallo and Beringen, Belgium. This marks the first time that Borealis has replaced fossil fuel-based feedstock in its large-scale commercial production of PP. This aligns with the Borealis’ aim to ensure that 100 % of its consumer products are recyclable, reusable, or produced from renewable sources by 2025.

After producing renewable propane using its proprietary NEXBTL™ technology, Neste sells the renewable propane to the Borealis propane dehydrogenation plant in Kallo. Here it is converted to renewable propylene, then subsequently to renewable PP at the Kallo and Beringen plants.

The recently finalized audits carried out by an independent third party have resulted in an ISCC Plus certification for the renewable PP produced at both Kallo and Beringen plants. This certification encompasses the entire value chain scope and verifies that the renewable feedstock used is certified as being 100 % renewable and sustainably produced, including traceability to point of origin.




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