Emergency Supply of Disinfectant

Emergency Supply of Disinfectant

Author: ChemistryViews.org

The German Chemical Industry Association (VCI) has launched the Internet platform “Notversorgung Desinfektionsmittel” (Emergency Supply Disinfectants), a digital network for healthcare facilities and companies in Germany. The free Internet platform is intended to contribute to making urgently needed disinfectants available to hospitals, nursing homes, and medical practices.

The VCI reports that the platform is already being used intensively shortly after activation. The whole range of the industry is participating in the support measures with large companies but also numerous medium-sized companies involved. BASF Personal Care, for example, reported last week, that it has started the production of hand sanitizers at different production sites in Europe. The products are being provided free of charge to hospitals, care facilities, and other institutions in regions surrounding the production plants.

Users register at https://notfalldesinfektion.vci.de. Sometimes, several players have to join forces on the platform to build up the complete supply chain from production to filling and transport. “One should not be put off by this as highly committed colleagues offer extensive operational support on the platform,” says the VCI. The VCI’s offer was set up with free support from the Boston Consulting Group and BCG Digital Ventures.




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