Diamonds are for Electrodes

Diamonds are for Electrodes

Author: David Bradley

A tiny analytical device fabricated entirely from diamond could be used to measure hydrodynamic flow in electroanalytical applications, says UK team.

Polycrystalline boron doped diamond (pBDD) has been used as an aqueous electrode material for detecting metal ions, inorganic and organic compounds, and biochemical analytes.

Miniaturizing electroanalytical devices is currently an important goal in this area and now the team led by Julie Macpherson, University of Warwick, UK, has found that they can build a device in which the pBDD electrode is encapsulated in diamond without compromising the potentially wide range of applications for which it might be used. They have now constructed and tested a hydrodynamic all-diamond electrode for tubular flow microelectrode (TFME) electroanalytical applications.

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