Finnish Research Institutions Join Forces on Quantum Science

Finnish Research Institutions Join Forces on Quantum Science

Author: ChemistryViews

Aalto University, the University of Helsinki, and VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland have signed an agreement to collaborate on quantum science and technology under the umbrella of InstituteQ: The Finnish Quantum Institute.

InstituteQ will bring together expertise in research, education, and innovation. All three founding institutions have decades of experience in research, education, and commercialization of quantum science and technology. By joining forces, they aim to keep Finland and Europe at the forefront of an increasingly competitive global field and create new opportunities—both for research and business.

The most widely used quantum technology is quantum computing: the development of computers that can solve problems that are impossible for regular computers to solve. The development of quantum computers requires entirely new types of hardware, software, and communication technologies with a completely different logic than conventional computers.

Finland is currently building a 3-stage quantum computer in a joint development project led by VTT and together with the Finnish start-up IQM. InstituteQ will work as a technology enabler, providing the hardware and software to exploit quantum phenomena, and as an end user, providing services that use quantum technology to customers.




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