Important Chemical Feedstock Produced Biotechnologically

Important Chemical Feedstock Produced Biotechnologically

Author: ChemistryViews

Covestro and Genomatica have announced that together they are the first to successfully produce a plant-based version of the chemical feedstock HMDA (hexamethylene diamine) in large quantities. The bio-HMDA is of high purity and quality. The companies plan to advance the program to full commercial scale. Covestro has secured an option from Genomatica to license the resulting integrated GENO™-HMD process technology for commercial production.

HMDA is an important component of a widely used type of nylon (nylon-6,6) as well as an important component for raw materials for coatings and adhesives. Up to now, HMDA has been manufactured from fossil feedstocks. The HMDA market amounted to 2 million tons in 2021. Every year, 500,000 tons of HMDA-based polyurethane coatings are used in the automotive market.




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