New MOFs Family are Efficient H2 Generators

New MOFs Family are Efficient H2 Generators

Author: ChemistryViews

Hybrid framework materials such as metal organic frameworks (MOFs) or polyoxometalates (POMs) have received a lot of attention as building blocks for new multifunctional materials due to their wide range of magnetic, redox, and catalytic properties. Polyoxometalate-based metal organic frameworks (POMOFs) are built from the connection of POMs to one another through bridging organic linkers. 3D structures are uncommon.

Caroline Mellot-Draznieks and colleagues, University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France, have synthesized and characterized a series of novel POMOFs containing monomeric, dimeric, or chain-like Zn-ε-Keggin (ε-PMoV8MoVI4O36(OH)4Zn4) building blocks connected by trimesate ions. The 3D open-frameworks have channels occupied by tetrabutylammonium counterions.

The new POMOFs were tested as catalysts for the hydrogen evolution reaction and their performances exceeded that of platinum, giving yields over 95 %.

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