BASF Qtech Formed

BASF Qtech Formed

Author: ChemistryViews

BASF Canada Inc. has joined Quantiam Technologies Inc. as co-shareholder in a newly formed corporation named BASF Qtech Inc. which will be run as an independent entity. This start-up business will focus on commercializing advanced catalytic surface coatings for steam cracker furnace tubes that Quantiam developed for use in the global petrochemical industry.

Manufacturing, R&D and technical services support will be provided by Quantiam, marketing and sales support will be led by BASF’s Catalysts division.

The catalytic surface coatings developed by Quantiam are applied on the internal surfaces of steam cracker furnace tubes and coils, enabling the catalytically-assisted manufacture of olefins. The coatings are designed to improve operational profitability of petrochemical furnaces by reducing carbon formation, increasing on-line production time and cutting maintenance times, energy expenditure and CO2 emissions.
The CAMOL Generation-1 solution for ethane-propane cracking is expected to be available commercially this fall.

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