Metal-Organic Framework Greater than Sum of its Parts

Metal-Organic Framework Greater than Sum of its Parts

Author: ChemistryViews/Image: Heulwen Price

Catalytic oxidations with metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) and ambient air are of considerable interest as they could remove toxic or odorous molecules from the air without the need for energy sources, solvents, or other reactive species.

Craig Hill and co-workers, Emory University, Georgia, USA, report a MOF that self-assembles around a polyoxometalate (POM) guest to make a material that efficiently catalyzes the detoxification of various sulfur compounds, including H2S to S8, using only ambient air.

Strong POM–MOF interactions increase the stability of the material. The catalytic activity of the POM–MOF is several orders of magnitude higher than for either the POM or MOF component alone. The POM–MOF is easy to recover and reuse, making it a versatile and robust catalytic decontaminant.

Image: © Heulwen Price/Wiley-VCH

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