New TU Delft Process Technology Institute

New TU Delft Process Technology Institute

Author: ChemistryViews

On January 1, 2012 a new TU Delft Process Technology Institute was launched integrating all Delft University of Technology research in the field of process technology in one institute. There were fourteen chairs in two faculties and five departments working on the subject across the University. More intensive alliances will ensure that TU Delft’s process technology will gain a greater international reputation. The institute plans to work closely together with other universities and research organizations in the Netherlands and abroad. By moving closer together the departments will also start using shared research facilities, e.g., a shared macrolab, in which large test installations can be built.

The institute will be organized in three practical fields:

  1. Process intensification – focusing on production process efficiency: how can we produce using smaller amounts of raw materials, and decreasing energy consumption and waste?.
  2. Biochemical process technology – focusing on the production of biological raw materials, preferably from the biological waste products of food production.
  3. Process technology for advanced materials – working on the development of new materials and the processes for producing and refining them.

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