Ultrapure Ceramic Material

Ultrapure Ceramic Material

Author: ChemistryViews

CeramTec has succeeded in manufacturing highly transparent and extremely durable ceramics on a series-production scale and transfering the advantages of ceramics to a transparent material. Their material is called PERLUCOR.

The high transparency grade of the material opens up fields of application everywhere glass reaches its limits. Being three to four times harder and stronger than conventional glass, the ceramic is suited for use in extreme wear conditions. The high thermal stability makes it suitable for use at temperatures up to 1,600 °C. Its extraordinarily high chemical stability means it can be used with highly concentrated acids and lyes.
The materials high index of refraction of 1.72 makes it possible to miniaturize optical lenses and other optical elements. Small part sizes can be used to realize powerful magnifying effects that would be extremely difficult to achieve on the basis of polymers or glasses. This also results in savings in weight, for example, of over 30 % compared to conventional bullet-proof glass systems.

The company sees multiple applications in mechanical, plant or equipment engineering, medical engineering and optical applications and in the areas of lighting, design, jewelry and architecture.

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