Women In US Chemical Industry

Women In US Chemical Industry

Author: ChemistryViews

C&EN announced its annual survey of upper levels of management at 42 top chemical companies in the US.

  • 54 of the 403 directors serving at these companies are women. The total number of board positions hold by women increased from 12.1 % last year to 13.4 %.
  • 41 of 417 executive officer positions are hold by women. This is an overall representation rate of 9.8 % compared to 9.9 % last year.
    Only Ellen J. Kullman, CEO DuPont, is listed as chief executive officer of a chemical firm and only Karyn F. Ovelmen, CFO LyondellBasell, is working as a chief financial officer at a chemical company.

Women executives mainly are in human resources (32 %), followed by responsibility for business units with 22 %. 17 % of the women perform legal functions and the lowest percentages are found for administrative (15 %) or financial roles (14%), which are perceived as stepping stones to becoming CEO and CFO.

C&EN consults 42 company annual reports, proxy statements, 10-K filings, and other documents filed with the Securities & Exchange Commission from major publicly traded U.S. companies that have significant chemical businesses. Executive officers are those people listed as such in a firm’s 10-K or proxy statement. Additionally, directors who were serving up to the time of the most recent annual meeting are counted.

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