REACH Registration Statistics

REACH Registration Statistics

Author: ChemistryViews

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) published detailed statistics on the origin and types of REACH registration dossiers and registered substances. The data will be updated every month.

The data include:

  • Overall number of registrations and registered substances;
  • Number of registrations by company size (86 % by large companies);
  • Number of registrations by company role in the supply chain (42 % by manufacturers);
  • Number of registrations by EU/EEA countries (headed by Germany and the UK, followed by the Netherlands, France, and Belgium)
  • Most frequently registered substances (headed by Ca(OH)2, ethylene oxide, CH3CH2OH, and Fe);
  • Registered substances by total tonnage band (headed by intermediates, 1,000–10,000 t/a, and 10,000–100,000 t/a).

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