Searching for Xmas Presents?

Searching for Xmas Presents?

Author: ChemistryViews

Still searching for that perfect Christmas present for the Chemist in your life? Out of ideas for what to get your lab mates?

ChemistryViews and Journal Editors recommend Christmas presents with a scientific flavor …


  • Wine with Label Showing Winemaking Formulae

    Know a chemist who is also a wine conniseur? Check out the Educated Guess Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, complete with label depicting the formulae that govern the winemaking process

Meghan Campbell, Angewandte Chemie

  • Scientific Cookie Cutters

    Why not encourage your lab mates bring cookies shaped like test tubes, flasks, beakers, or atoms to the next group meeting?

Stephen Honer, Angewandte Chemie

  • Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit

    Never have the similarities between cooking and chemistry been so clear as with this introduction to molecular gastronomy

Rachel McGlue, Chemistry – A European Journal

  • Table-top Distillery

    Like a modern-day alchemist, transform wine into brandy and beer into whiskey with this minature distillery

Saskia Neubacher, ChemistryOpen

Lesley Belfit, Book Department, Wiley-VCH


Matteo Cavalleri, International Journal of Quantum Chemistry

Sarah Millar,

Vera Köster,


Sarah Millar,

Lesley Belfit, Book Department, Wiley-VCH


  • Niels Bohr Calendar 2013

    Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Niels Bohr’s atomic model with this calendar of select historical photos from Bohr’s career

Matteo Cavalleri, International Journal of Quantum Chemistry

Richard Threlfall, Asian Journal of Organic Chemistry,

  • Attractive Journal Storage Solutions

    Looking for somewhere to store all those old copies of Angewandte Chemie? These lever arch and box files cunningly disguise all your paperwork as vintage books

Sarah Millar,


  • Itch — Simon Mayo

    Meet Itch, full name Itchingham Lofte – an accidental, accident-prone hero. Itch is a fourteen-year-old element-hunter: he’s decided to collect all the elements in the periodic table. Which has some interesting and rather destructive results in his bedroom.

    Then, Itch makes a discovery. A new element, never seen before. At first no one believes him, but soon, someone hears about the strange new rock and wants it for himself. And Itch is in serious danger …

    Exciting and entertaining reading for younger chemists.

Sarah Millar,

  • Great Inventions that Changed the World — James Wei

    Discover the inventions that have made our world what it is today

    A great invention opens the door to a new era in human history. From the stone axe to the computer and the Internet, this book provides a fascinating tour of the most important inventions and inventors throughout history. You’ll discover the landmark achievements and the men and women that made the world what it is today.

Eva Wille, VP Global Chemistry, Wiley-VCH

  • Europe to the Stars — Govert Schilling, Lars Lindberg Christensen

    Produced especially for European Southern Observatory’s 50th anniversary, this sumptuously illustrated book takes the reader behind the scenes of the most productive ground-based observatory in the world. It contains the best 300 of ESO’s images, hand-picked from a large collection of more than 100,000 images.

Lois O’Leary, ChemCatChem

  • Skios — Michael Frayn

    On the sunlit Greek island of Skios, the Fred Toppler Foundation’s annual lecture is to be given by Dr Norman Wilfred, the world-famous authority on the scientific organisation of science. He turns out to be surprisingly young and charming – not at all the intimidating figure they had been expecting. The Foundation’s guests are soon eating out of his hand. So, even sooner, is Nikki, the attractive and efficient organiser.

    Meanwhile, in a remote villa at the other end of the island, Nikki’s old school-friend Georgie waits for the notorious chancer she has rashly agreed to go on holiday with, and who has only too characteristically failed to turn up. Trapped in the villa with her, by an unfortunate chain of misadventure, is a balding old gent called Dr Norman Wilfred, who has lost his whereabouts, his luggage, his temper and increasingly all normal sense of reality – everything he possesses apart from the flyblown text of a well-travelled lecture on the scientific organisation of science …

Eva Wille, VP Global Chemistry, Wiley-VCH

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