Discuss Classification and Labelling of Substances

Discuss Classification and Labelling of Substances

Author: ChemistryViews

The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) launched the web-based C&L Platform. It allows registrants and notifiers of the same substance to come together and agree on a common classification and labelling (C&L) for their substances. Many substances have been notified differently to ECHA, resulting in different entries on the C&L Inventory.

Discussion features are available for each substance that has different notifications in its Inventory summary page. Each discussion room is accessible only to those registrants and notifiers who have submitted a notification for that particular substance. Access is given via the REACH-IT User ID and password. Signing-up in REACH-IT is the starting point for any data submission to ECHA.
Once agreement is reached on a common classification and labelling, companies have to notify the Agency accordingly and update their notifications in REACH-IT. These changes are subsequently reflected in the public C&L Inventory on the ECHA website.

The Agency is organising a public webinar in March on the use of the platform.

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