Grape Extracts Keep Kidneys Healthy

Grape Extracts Keep Kidneys Healthy

Author: Melania Tesio

In obese individuals, the excessive accumulation of fat impairs the renal function. According to Kamel Charradi and colleagues, Université de Carthage, Tunisia, obesity-induced renal dysfunction can be alleviated using grape skin and seed extracts, a common nutritional supplement consisting of polyphenolics and flavonoids.

The researchers revealed that, during a high fat diet, triglycerides accumulate in renal cells where they promote oxidative stress and a depletion of copper ions. In this way, triglycerides reduce the activity of copper-dependent enzymes, ultimately decreasing the renal function. These phenomena, however, are abrogated when the high fat diet is associated with the consumption of grape seed and skin extracts. As a consequence, these supplements can be used to alleviate renal dysfunction induced by obesity or other diseases.

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